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WellGuard Separation Panels

WellGuard Separation Panels

Humanscale's WellGuard Separation Panels ensure a safer return to the workplace by reducing the risk of airborne transmission of viral particles between workstations. Desk shields are the ideal solution for personal protection in the office.​


  • Easy to install/uninstall and compatible with most worksurfaces​.
  • Made with easy to clean and highly durable PETG or felted PET material​.
  • Resistant to harsh chemical cleaners and far more dependable than acrylic​.
  • Visually designed to fit seamlessly into any office environment​.


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  • Experts agree that separation panels can protect employees by decreasing airflow between workstations to reduce airborne transmission of viral particles. In fact, research shows that stiller air can lower infection rates within a given space, making desk shields a necessity for every office.


    Universal Mounting Options

    Humanscale’s WellGuard Separation Panels are available in seven mounting options, allowing them to attach to any new or preexisting worksurface easily.


    Customizable Finishes

    Our PETG panels are available in clear or frosted finish, and unlike acrylic panels, PETG will not crack, discolor, or degrade after being cleaned with heavy-duty chemicals. We also offer panels in felted PET that are sound absorbent and recyclable.


    Instant Privacy

    Seamlessly transition to heads-down focus work by eliminating periphery visual distractions. WellGuard Panels in felted PET offer another element of privacy by reducing noise through active sound absorption – an essential solution to boost productivity in an open office.

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