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Height Adjustable Tables

Height Adjustable Tables

It is not only healthier to regularly change from a seated to a standing position, but studies prove that employees at height adjustable workstations are significantly more productive.

  • Employers save on churn costs, decrease each employee’s real estate footprint and show a commitment to worker well-being. 

    ​RISE is the solution. Its 22”-48” height range is ideal for large companies who can standardize on one table to fit the vast majority of employees. RISE is available in a wide range of configurations, including 2 and 3-leg tables. The adjustable width frame expands and contracts to fit work surfaces from 48"-84", and is available in smaller and larger sizes. The base can be customized to fit almost any size or shape of work surface.

    Choose from 3 different table base styles; Rise, Rise S2 and Ascent.  View the Good, Better, Best brochure below for details on each.

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