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Finished Plates & Blanks

John R. Wald Company has been designing and installing industrial license plate production equipment and solutions for nearly 100 years.  As a natural course of progression in our work we have assembled a complete license plate production line in our plant in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.  This line is not only for research, development and training but serves as a production line for customers requiring finished license plates and blanks. Wald has produced millions of finished license plates in its plant, in addition to the manufacture of blanks and digitally printed sheeting.

Finished License Plates & Blanks

Wald can manufacture fully complete license plates and raw material blanks for jurisdictions as they require.  Incorporating our state-of-the-art DigiTag™ Print Systems and our Blanking, Embossing and Finishing systems, Wald is well qualified to supply high quality, jurisdiction approved and ASTM 4596 & ISO 7591 compliant license plates and raw blanks for further processing.

Disaster Recovery Production Site

Wald is currently listed as a disaster recovery production site for several US jurisdictions and plate providers/producers.  Wald has all the equipment and systems available to provide back-up production services quickly and expertly.

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