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Wald innovates, yet again, with a low cost, low scrap method of producing embossed license plates which eliminates the need for numeral coating, curing oven or hot-stamp equipment. The combination of our DigiTag™ TriJet or Solo UV Inkjet license plate printer with our On-Demand Embossing System provides a cost-effective alternative to oven curing or hot-stamp finishing of license plates.  This environmentally friendly solution eliminates the production of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with traditional solvent ink curing ovens. 


Wald Print-to-Emboss

John R. Wald Co. is pleased to introduce a Low Cost, Low Scrap method of producing license plates with no oven or hot-stamp equipment for embossed numeral coating required.  The combination of our UV Inkjet license plate printers and our On-Demand Embossing System provides a cost-effective alternative to oven curing or hot-stamp finishing of license plates.

Utilizing either our DigiTag™ TriJet or DigiTag™ SOLO UV Inkjet Print systems with our On-Demand Embossing System, making finished embossed license plates is as easy as “1-2-3”.  Wald DigiTag™ printers produce accurate placement of the printed serial characters and background graphics which, when accompanied by Wald font embossing tooling, provide for an extremely tight print/emboss match. Embossing tooling can be manufactured to match current specifications or our new WALPRO™ font can be used for optimum ALPR readability.


Print to Emboss Production Process:

  • The proposed solution will utilize Wald’s Digital Print-to-Emboss process in which the license plate backgrounds and alphanumeric registration numbers are printed in color digitally on plain white reflective sheeting, overlaminated with clear protective film, and then the registration numbers are embossed in direct alignment with the embossing dies on the embossing press.


Key Benefits of Digital Print-to-Emboss:

  • Streamlines raw material supply chain and inventory: standardize on only plain white reflective sheeting stock and clear overlaminate.

  • Eliminates the need to purchase costly preprinted specialty and standard graphic sheeting.

  • Print and produce the exact plates required, on demand.

  • Fast, in-house turnaround time for new graphic design requests from the state.

  • Ensures that the color of the graphic background as well as the printed, embossed registration characters remain below the surface of the overlaminate, well protected from the elements to ensure durability and weather resistance.

  • Eliminates the need for secondary numeral coating and curing processes, thereby improving the efficiency of license plate production.

  • Eliminates the need for multiple hot stamp machines and costly thermal transfer hot stamp ribbon.

  • License plates are ready for packaging and shipping immediately after embossing.

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