Service & Support

John R. Wald Company provides complete end to end service and support for every piece of equipment we sell.  Through the utilization of remote diagnostics, Wald is able to identify and address questions and concerns at a moment’s notice.  We offer specialized service contracts based on individual customer needs, providing both remote and on-site support. 


Technical Support 

John R. Wald engineers and technical staff are available to assist customers with a wide variety of questions and topics regarding all Wald-designed and supported equipment and software systems.  E-mail to initiate a technical session.  Please be sure to include all available make, model, and detailed description of request. 

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Repair Services 

John R. Wald Company is pleased to offer repair services for our Correctional Industries customers on license plate blanking lines and related license plate manufacturing equipment.  We also provide repair services for other commonly found equipment items throughout Correctional Industries.


Installation Services 

John R. Wald provides expert technical installation services for all equipment systems and software solutions that we design and sell.  Normally installation services are quoted along with the equipment item.  Any relocation or reinstallation services can be quoted based on specific requirements.   

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Replacement Parts 

Wald offers replacement parts for all machines and systems designed and sold by John R. Wald or our manufacturing partners.  Wald has a complete in-house manufacturing capabilities for replacement parts for all Wald manufactured equipment.  Wald stocks common replacement parts for all equipment and systems that we sell.


Service Contracts 

Wald offers complete technical service and maintenance contracts based on customer requirements and systems.  These contracts can be tailored to individual customers to include a mix of services such as regularly scheduled maintenance visits, remote diagnostics, unlimited phone support, and emergency on-site technical services.