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Wald-Utal Blanking Line

Since 1924, Wald has specialized in the design, development, integration, sale and support of equipment and systems used in the production and manufacture of license plates. The Wald-Utal blanking lines feature the latest, most advanced equipment technology available.  Advanced features include: centralized control unit with color touch panel interface and remote connectivity, efficient hydraulic press, user-friendly applicator/registry system with on-the-fly, automatic web guiding, and automatic indexing outfeed conveyor with license plate counter. 


Wald-Utal Horizontal Pallet Decoiler

The Wald-Utal Horizontal Pallet Decoiler is a safe and efficient substrate supply system that eliminates the need to upend heavy coils of aluminum for loading onto a reel.  

Horizontal Pallet Decoiler Product Page >


Wald-Utal Aluminum Stock Straightener

The Wald-Utal Stock Straightener assures optimum substrate preparation prior to the application of reflective license plate sheeting in the blanking operation. 

Aluminum Stock Straightener Product Page >​


Wald-Utal Inductive Heater

The Wald-Utal Inductive Heater ensures optimal substrate temperature as it is fed into the applicator.

Inductive Heater Product Page >​

Aluminium tape heater3.JPG
Single Head Applicator

Wald-Utal Single-Head Applicator System

The Wald-Utal Single-Head Applicator System is designed specifically for the application of a continuous length of pressure-sensitive reflective license plate sheeting or similar material to the metal substrate.

Single-Head Applicator Product Page >

Wald-Utal Dual-Head Applicator System

The Wald-Utal Dual-Head Applicator System consists of two applicators, applies the reflective license plate sheeting to the aluminum substrate and the second applies a clear protective overlaminate film to the construction, thus ensuring durability and weather resistance of the license plate graphics.

Dual-Head Applicator Product Page >


Wald-Utal Graphic Registry Servo Feed System

The Wald-Utal Registry / Feed System is mounted to the blanking press and is designed specifically to synchronize the placement of the preprinted graphic on the laminated sheeting/aluminum construction with the die-cut of the blank in the blanking press.

Graphic Registry Servo Feed Product Page >​

Graphic Registry Servo Feed System

Wald-Utal 40-Ton Blanking Press

Equipped with a blanking die custom designed to the customer’s required license plate specifications, the Wald-Utal 40-Ton Blanking Press utilizes a hydraulic system that produces ample force at production speeds to create consistent license plate blanks. 

40-Ton Blanking Press Product Page >


Wald Utal Blanking Line 

Video featuring the automated blanking line with integrated components  producing 6x12 license plates.  This line features the optional dual laminating applicator system.

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