Wald Legacy Applicator / Registry System

Wald Legacy Applicator / Registry System

The John R. Wald Model M74 Legacy Applicator / Registry System is another example of how we Make It Work. This machine can be integrated into a new or existing license plate blanking system to process the application and registration of ALL BRANDS OF LICENSE PLATE SHEETING. 

This is an investment that will not only pay for itself quickly, but will allow for future material savings by introducing competitive pricing for the graphic and plain reflective license plate sheeting of your choice. The Wald Legacy Applicator / Registry System has been proven by successful installations in many U.S. States, Canada and Mexico. Components supplied include an 
Applicator System and a Registry / Feed System.

  • Legacy Applicator System
    The applicator is designed specifically for the application of a continuous length of pressure sensitive material to a metal substrate. It uses driven nip rollers to drive the substrate through the applicator machine, thus applying no extra drag on the substrate. The basis for the drive design is to compensate for registration drift without manual adjustments. The applicator checks each printed graphic for the proper pitch and automatically adjusts the web tension to compensate for any detected variance. The applicator incorporates edge guides to control the tracking of the substrate as it moves through the application processes. The complete system includes a heavy-duty modular base frame, application station with powered rewind reels, a web tensioner drive for the reflective material with guide rollers for precise product control.

    Legacy Registry / Feed System
    The Legacy Registry / Feed System is designed to accurately feed the reflective covered aluminum substrate into the blanking press.  Used in conjunction with the applicator, this registry system provides high quality license plate blanks consistently stroke after stroke.

    The heart of the system is an extraordinarily versatile, field-proven, microprocessor controlled, servo driven, electronic roll feed. Feed lengths and speeds can be programmed directly from the remote console, conveniently housing all operational controls. Precision geared drive enables power and speed to be optimized for greatest efficiency and reliability.