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DigiTag™ 1650 Thermal Transfer Printer

DigiTag™ 1650 Thermal Transfer Printer

The process of thermal transfer printing involves the use of four process color ribbons (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, also called CMYK) to create millions of different colors in the same print pass with no need to run the sheeting through the printer again. To more exactly match desired colors, spot color ribbons can be used when an exact color match needs to be achieved.


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  • Spot colors provide an economic advantage as they reproduce a color with one ribbon that may require 2, 3 or 4 process ribbons to create. The Wald DigiTag™ 1650 thermal transfer printer has 6 print stations where the four CMYK process ribbons AND 2 additional spot color or specialty ribbons can be used to create stunning printed results. A protective overlaminate is applied in-line with the printer to provide for the required outdoor durability according to state specifications.  This protective overlaminate guards against harsh elements, road chemicals and premature fading of the printed image. 
    The Wald DigiTag™ 1650 Thermal Transfer Printer has a selectable print resolution capability of up to 400x1600 dpi, which is near photo quality. As most license plate graphics may not require this level of quality, the majority of license plate graphics are printed at 400 x 400 dpi resolution.  The Wald DigiTag™ 1650 is fully capable of printing “full-bleed” on 12” reflective sheeting, which is a unique capability of our offering. The DigiTag™ 1650 is an industrial digital printer, delivering short runs of durable graphics at an extraordinary speed, with vivid colors.  Ideal for labels, decals, membranes, license plates, traffic and other signs.  
    Wald’s DigiTag™ 1650 Thermal Transfer Printer incorporates the latest in print head technology.  This provides the highest print head durability and longevity of any thermal transfer printer.  To properly calculate the cost of print for other printers, print head cost and life should be factored into the cost.  Older print head technology requires replacement of these heads in as little as every 80,000 plate images, which can significantly affect productivity and finished plate cost.   Because Wald’s system uses the latest technology, we regularly see print head life in excess of 1 million plate images and longer.  We do not consider our print heads to be a consumable item and include print head coverage as part of our standard service maintenance program. 

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