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DigiTag™ Solo Inkjet Printer

DigiTag™ Solo Inkjet Printer

UV Inkjet Printing

This “direct-to-blank" license plate printing solution is the most on-demand license plate production method available.  Cost-effectiveness and ease of operation highlight this one-of-a-kind platform. 

  • By simply selecting the desired design on the touchscreen interface and pressing the print button, a single or pair of plates can be printed in minutes.  The SOLO is well suited for installation at any production facility where specialty graphic plates can be made on-demand.   Requiring only plain white reflective sheeted blanks, the cost per plate is typically lower than other types of manufactured plates.   Additionally, UV printing eliminates any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from the curing process as is typical with solvent based inks. This “Green” manufacturing process greatly reduces scrap and allows the customer to have full control of the costs and the distribution of their specialty plate program. 
    The SOLO utilizes a proprietary selection of custom developed ink-sets and a protective clear coating for compliance with outdoor durability and chemical resistance requirements commonly mandated by the state.  The ink-sets have been thoroughly tested to meet the typical 5 year warranty as specified in most states.  This method of printing eliminates the need for a Protective Overlaminate which is commonly procured as a separate commodity.  The SOLO UV proprietary ink-sets are designed to be utilized in flat plate production or embossed plate production.  
    The SOLO is an environmentally friendly UV cured printing option that greatly reduces waste and increases efficiency. The low cost specialty plate production makes it perfect for small runs and remakes of flat or embossed plates. 

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