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DigiTag™ LPD

DigiTag™ LPD

The License Plate Digitizer is the innovative answer to the demands of digital technology placed on traditional license plate manufacturing methods. The age of computerization has finally caught up to the tried and true methods of production that have been in place for almost a century.

  • The John R. Wald company has been "Making It Work" since 1924 and now we are offering the LPD to bring cutting edge technology seamlessly into existing production methods.

    While most new technology can be daunting in its complexity, the LPD is simple in concept. The system consists of a conveyorized reader that captures embossed or flat printed license plate images with a digital camera. Then the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software "Digitizes" the image into a computer text file. Once this is done the plate or pair of plates is essentially digital. The digital license plate record can now be used for applications that are driven by computer technology.
    The digital information is immediately compared to a database that can contain user defined fields such as names and addresses, VIN numbers, year/make of automobile, etc. Through the use of advanced technology, the LPD helps reduce mistakes or duplications caused by human error, improving qualtiy control, accuracy, and security.  

    Depending on the database structure, the system is used to drive any number of applications such as label or envelope printers with complete addresses for direct distribution, or printing a bar code directly on the underside or face of plate, or printing registration cards to match directly with a set of plates, and the list goes on and on.


    Output Options

    • Envelopes with addresses
    • Barcodes
    • Address Labels
    • Registration Stickers/Cards
    • Packing Lists
    • Production Reports
    • File Export (Electronic updates of plate status)
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