M31-UV Numeral Coater with Ultraviolet Light Cured Ink

M31-UV Numeral Coater with Ultraviolet Light Cured Ink

The M31-UV Numeral Coater boasts all the standard features of the M-31 Numeral Coater for solvent ink with the added eco-friendly benefit of a UV-Ink curing system. Self-contained and at roughly 1/10th the size of a traditional solvent ink curing oven, the M-31 UV Numeral Coat system occupies a footprint of just 15 feet by 3 feet.

  • Plates are manually loaded and then pushed by the feed pawls on to the conveyor and under the coating head unit.

    The coating head unit contains two synthetic rubber-coating rollers positioned for proper contact with plates passing along the conveyor. These rollers run continuously with the distribution roller and fountain roller, both of hardened and polished steel. The fountain and distribution rollers, fitted with precision-machined scales, form a mill-type reservoir trough to carry a reserve ink supply. Fine spacing adjustments of these rollers maintain a uniform ink film on the rubber rollers. The coating head unit and its components are readily removable for easy cleaning.

    All rollers are driven at speed ratios selected to permit a controlled distribution of enamel throughout the coating system. Power for the coating head is taken from the conveyor through a series of spur gears to assure positive synchronization of the coater roll surface and conveyor apron.

  • Key benefits of the M31-UV system include: 

    • Eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) 

    • High Production Speed – 2000 plates/hr 

    • Warranted Plate Durability 

    • Space and Labor Savings 

    • Low Material Costs 

    • Lower Capital and Utility Costs over Conventional Oven Curing 

    • No Natural Gas Consumption 

    • Fast Equipment / Production Start-up