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The PICS system’s primary purpose is to provide correctional industries and motor vehicle agencies with improved control processes, current status information, transaction history data and reporting features for license plate inventory.  Specifically, it provides tools to account for, track, and report on each license plate from the time it is produced to the time it is issued to a vehicle owner or internal point-of-sale.  Additionally, plate surrender data can be captured at the point of return and subsequently tied to destruction confirmation data from the point of destruction which allows for an audit trail of chain-of-custody from “cradle to grave”.  The inventory system will track ordering, fulfillment, distribution and the return and destruction of the individual plates.

  • This module is designed to provide initiation, approval, and monitoring functions for license plate orders on the system.  The key features of this module are as follows:

    • Allow for the management and approval of system-generated automatic restocking requests
    • Allow for new orders to be placed with the production facility for shipment to a given location
    • Allow order shipment requests to be placed with the warehouse for shipment to a given location
    • Plates on order report to provide reporting of all plates currently on order in the PICS system
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