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DigiTag™ TriJet

DigiTag™ TriJet

The DigiTag™ TriJet printer from John R. Wald is our latest innovation in license plate printing technology, featuring high-resolution print output, roll-to-roll efficiency, and UV inkjet cost effectiveness.   


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  • The TriJet utilizes industrial-grade drop-on-demand piezo inkjet technology to print process color UV-curable polymer ink direct to rolls of reflective license plate sheeting. Featuring up to 18 Ricoh Gen6 printheads, the TriJet produces outstanding quality graphic prints on reflective license plate film. TriJet will print the license plate images in a continuous indexing print queue using a scanning inkjet print module for controlled depth of color, superior edge clarity, and enhanced tonal range. With a production output of up to 2000 plate images per hour, the TriJet is a perfect fit for every digital license plate production system.

  • Printing System Technical Specifications:

    • Printing Technology: Drop-On-Demand Piezoelectric, Multi-Pass, Color UV Inkjet Printing Technology 
    • Printing Mode: Roll-to-roll Continuous Printing, Scanning Print Technology 
    • Ink Formulation: UV Curable, Embossable Ink 
    • Ink Curing System: Two Multidirectional UV-LED Lamps (360-20-8W) 
    • Printheads: Up to 18, Ricoh Gen6, Multi-channel, Industrial Grade, Piezoelectric 


    Ink Colors:  

    • 4-Color Process (CMYK)  
    • 6-Color Process (CMYK + 2 colors, such as light cyan/light magenta, orange, violet, green)    
    • Ink Supply Tanks: Bulk Tanks with Automatic Ink Level Sensors, Capacity 3L per Color 


    Print Resolution User Selectable: 

    • 600x720 dpi (1039x1247 apparent dpi), High Speed, 2 Pass Mode 
    • 900x720dpi (1559x1247 apparent dpi), High Quality, 3 Pass Mode 
    • 1200x720dpi (2078x1247 apparent dpi), Best Quality, 4 Pass Mode                                                                       


    • Up to 2,000 6”x12” License Plate Images/Hour at 600x720 dpi; 
    • Up to 1,650 6”x12” License Plate Images/Hour at 900x720 dpi; 
    • Up to 1,450 6”x12” License Plate Images/Hour at 1200x720 dpi. 


    Printable Area:  

    • Max. 43.3” × 12.8” (1100.0 mm x 324.0 mm) 
    • Accommodates Typical Passenger & Motorcycle License Plate Sizes 



    • Type: Reflective License Plate Sheeting, Pressure-Sensitive (Self-Adhesive), Plain White or Preprinted, Laminated or Non-laminated. Check with Wald for Compatibility of Specific Substrates. 
    • Form: Continuous Roll Wound on Cardboard Core 
    • Max Width: 13.0 in. (330 mm) 
    • Max Thickness: Up to 1.57" (40.0 mm) 


    Substrate Quality: 

    • Surface Substrate printable top layer must be receptive to UV inkjet ink. Surface must be clean, free of contaminants such as dust, dirt, oils, moisture, condensing humidity. Substrate must unwind flat without any significant deformation, memory or curl. 
    • Roll Construction: Rolls must be wound with proper tension and must be non-telescoping. Edges of rolls must be straight, dirt-free and adhesive-free. 


    Substrate Roll Size: (Integrated Unwinder Capacity) 

    • Roll Outside Dia.: Max. 15.0 in. (380.0 mm) 
    • Rolls with diameters of more than 380mm (15.0") can be optionally supported. 
    • Core Inside Dia.: 3.0 in. (76.2 mm) 
    • Core must not exceed substrate width nor protrude from substrate edges. 
    • Weight Max. 110.2 lbs. (50.0 kg) 
    • Approved Substrates: Avery Dennison; Nippon Carbide  


    Software Printing Suite: 

    • Order Management: DigiTag™ Database 
    • Template Builder: VariData™ 
    • Color RIP: NuviPRINT™ (PDF-based Graphic Design Workflow) 
    • Print Management: PCS Print Control Software 
    • Graphic Formats: Portable Document Format (PDF) Graphic Image Files 
    • Network Connectivity PCIe card; Fast Ethernet (100Mbit/s) 
    • Status Beacon: Light Pole with Green/Red Status Alarms
    • Printer Control System: Dedicated, high-powered, Windows® 10 based processing module with integrated printer controls, LED monitor, LCD display and high-speed communication interface. Configured to meet customer security level user access requirements. Printer control system can be secured from authorized user access via both software and hardware lockouts.  



    • Frame: Reinforced Steel Frame & Enclosure for Long Term System Integrity 
    •  Print Viewing Area: Lighted Print Path and Printer Chamber for Operator Monitoring of Printing and System 
    • UV-Filtering Print Viewing Windows, Front and Sides 
    • Front Panel Controls: Onboard LED-Surround Button Controls for Basic Printer Operations 


    System Dimensions & Weight: 

    • Printer System: 137.8 in. W × 35.4 in. D × 70.3 in. H (3500.0 mm × 900.0 mm × 1785.0 mm) 
    • Control Module: 25 in. W × 24 in. D × 67 in. H (635mm × 610 mm × 1700 mm) 
    • Integrated, Tethered Mobile Control Module with Human Interface 
    • Total Weight: 3,970 lbs. (1,800 kg) 


    Environmental Requirements: 

    • Temperature: 61-82°F (16-28°C) 
    • Relative Humidity: 40-60% (Recommended) 
    • Altitude: Up to 5,300 ft. (1,615 m) 


    Utility Requirements:  

    • Power: Frequency 50/60Hz; Voltage 230V±10%; Power 6.6KW/30A 
    • Compressed Air 5 CFM @ 90 psi, Dry, Oil Free 
    • Onboard Air Hose and Nozzle for Convenient Mandrel Expansion 
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