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Wald-Utal 45-Ton Blanking Press

Wald-Utal 40-Ton Blanking Press

Equipped with a blanking die custom designed to the customer’s required license plate specifications, the Wald-Utal 40-Ton Blanking Press utilizes a hydraulic system that produces ample force at production speeds to create consistent license plate blanks.

  • In a single, efficient press cycle, the press and installed blanking die are designed to punch mounting holes in the license plate, create nicely-rounded radius corners on each plate, and cleanly cut the finished blank to proper length. An optional Compound Blanking Die can be installed in the press to provide a depressed flange rim on the blank, especially in cases where a Digital Flat License Plate blank is required. Utilizing multiple sensing methods, the automatic outfeed conveyor can accurately count, stack and index predetermined quantities of blanks for easy processing or packaging.

    • High quality precision guiding components ensure high accuracy in blank production while reducing premature wear to die components
    • All parts and components are precision machined, assembled and aligned at the factory
    • Adjustable hydraulic force and intelligent controls are configurable to the customer’s specific application
    • Specifically designed for the production of license plates, including the punching of mounting holes, cutting of radiused corners, cutting of blanks to accurate length at high speed and forming of the plate rim where required
    • Hydraulic system with a maximum working pressure of 320 bar operates the press at a nominal 70 cycles per minute depedent on application
    • Double-acting hydraulic cylinder
    • Configurable operating modes, including low-speed manual operation, single stroke, and automatic continuous high-speed
    • Forced-air cooling system ensures proper operating temperatures during high speed production
    • Intelligent communications between the press and the central control allow the system to report codes, messages, parameters and other diagnostic information
    • Pneumatic scrap ejection system fitted on the press reliably ejects scrap materials with each press stroke
    • Optional automatic indexing outfeed conveyor reliably moves blanks away from the press while collecting them in stacks
    • Factory tested for Quality Assurance before delivery to and deployment at your facility
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