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Wald-Utal Aluminum Stock Straightener

Wald-Utal Aluminum Stock Straightener

The Wald-Utal Stock Straightener assures optimum substrate preparation prior to application of reflective license plate sheeting in the blanking operation.

  • With its compact, multi-roller metal reforming system, this component is designed to remove edge irregularities in the metal substrate and to straighten the material. This improves performance of the Applicator/Registry system and enhances quality of finished plates.  The Wald-Utal Stock Straightener features a seven-roll system with material sensing and motion control for smooth and consistent substrate detection and a Modulating Drive System to regulate substrate feed through the straightener.  The Wald-Utal Stock Straightener is intelligently connected to the central control system of the Wald-Utal Blanking Line and can be both monitored and controlled from the touchscreen of the central control panel or the integrated HMI. This built-in feature provides the user or operator more precise control of settings to ensure the highest quality license plate blanks.

    • Installed in-line with the Wald-Utal Blanking Line to maintain synchronous control
    • Specially engineered for straightening of license plate coil stock
    • Straightens nominal 12” wide coil stock with a thickness capacity of .018"-.125"
    • Can be monitored and controlled from the central control touchscreen of the Wald-Utal blanking line
    • Includes controls for both forward and reverse operation
    • Substrate detection stops the unit and line in the event material supply is exhausted
    • Seven (7) adjustable, hardened and precision-ground straightening rolls ensure metal substrate quality
    • Detection of the outfeed material loop controls the straightener drive motor, ensuring sufficient substrate supply to the Applicator
    • In accordance with CE safety guidelines, the unit is fitted with guarding and warnings that protect the user from the danger of contact with all pinch points
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