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Wald-Utal Graphic Registry Servo Feed System

Wald-Utal Graphic Registry Servo Feed System

The Wald-Utal Registry / Feed System is mounted to the blanking press and is designed specifically to synchronize the feed length of the constructed sheeting/aluminum with the timing of the blanking press.

  • Utilizing an electronic connection to the applicator and logic protocol, the registry/feed system ensures the production of consistent blanks with precise plate length, stroke after stroke.  Feed lengths and speeds can be programmed and adjusted directly from the touch panel interface of the central control panel. The precision-geared drive enables power and speed to be optimized for greatest efficiency and reliability.

    • Servo driven, electronic nip rolls ensure proper positioning of the laminated aluminum substrate during the blanking stroke in the press
    • Accuracy of sensing, feeding and synchronization yield license plate blanks that exhibit centered  graphics and consistent plate lengths
    • Robust design with precision microprocessor control to operate in production environments at speeds up to approximately 3.28 ft/s (1 m/s) while keeping pace with the blanking press
    • Designed for a compressed air supply of 6-8 bar
    • Includes selectable total distance and cycle counter settings
    • Power is supplied by the central control unit of the blanking line
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