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Wald-Utal Horizontal Pallet Decoiler

Wald-Utal Horizontal Pallet Decoiler

The Wald-Utal Horizontal Pallet Decoiler is a safe and efficient substrate supply system that eliminates the need to upend heavy coils of aluminum for loading onto a reel. 

  • The Horizontal Pallet Decoiler is designed for loading pallets of one or more coils of substrate on its supply platform without de-palletizing the coils and lifting them for placement on the production line. The Decoiler utilizes a free-standing, multi-roller, adjustable metal guiding catenary as well as horizontal guiding rollers to provide superior guidance of the metal as it feeds off the horizontal coils. This minimizes binding of the metal strip and deformation of the aluminum as it enters the next blanking line station. The Decoiler is intelligently connected to the central control system of the Wald-Utal Blanking Line and can be both monitored and controlled from the touchscreen of the central user control’s touchscreen. This feature provides the user or operator more precise control of Decoiler settings to ensure the highest quality license plate blanks.

    • Designed to handle aluminum substrate from 5” to 12.125" wide and 0.018” to 0.032" thick
    • Motor driven table with 6000 pound maximum capacity
    • Accepts palletized aluminum coil stacks up to 60” diameter and 37” height 
    • Configurable for clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
    • Aluminum pallets can be loaded from either side
    • Designed to prevent edge damage of the aluminum
    • Automatic acceleration and deceleration controls
    • Independent controls for payoff speed and dancer sensitivity.
    • Protective coatings are incorporated to reduce damage to the substrate during processing 
    • Material presence sensors to detect aluminum supply or supply-out conditions
    • Included core expander for coreless coils
    • Powered by Wald-Utal Blanking Line Central Control
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