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Wald-Utal Inductive Aluminum Heater

Wald-Utal Inductive Aluminum Heater

The Inductive Substrate Preheater is an efficient, clean and compact electro-induction heating system for raising the temperature of the aluminum substrate prior to reflective sheeting application.

  • The substrate pre-heater utilizes electro-magnetic induction heating to elevate the aluminum temperature to adequate levels for use in the blanking process. Induction precisely heats the aluminum without the elevation of machine temperature, eliminating the possibility of operator injury.

    • Capable of raising the temperature of aluminum substrate by 50-55 degrees F
    • Operates at full line speed of up to 70 strokes per minute
    • The Substrate Preheating Device assures aluminum substrate is brought to the temperature required by the application
    • Correct aluminum temperature prior to the application of reflective sheeting ensures accordance with manufacturers guidelines and promotes reflective sheeting adhesion
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