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Wald-Utal Single-Head Applicator System

Wald-Utal Single-Head Applicator System

The Wald-Utal Single-Head Applicator System is designed specifically for the application of a continuous length of pressure-sensitive reflective license plate sheeting or similar material to the metal substrate.

  • The Wald-Utal Applicator system utilizes servo-controlled nip rollers to drive the substrate, providing precise motion control and eliminating unnecessary drag on the substrate. The precision servo drive control and photo sensor registration automatically compensates for registration drift in real time without the need for user intervention or manual adjustments. Using a series of highly accurate sensors, the applicator system checks each printed graphic for the proper pitch (length) and automatically adjusts the web tension and other system variables on-the-fly to compensate for any detected variance. This system incorporates automatic edge-sensing and web guiding to ensure acurate sheeting placement on the aluminum substrate. The Wald-Utal Applicator system utilizes industry strandard web-guiding units to ensure optimal performance.

    • Maximum application speed of 2.3 ft/s (0.7 m/s)
    • Maximum application width of 13 in (330 mm)
    • Compressed air supply: 6 to 8 bar
    • Integrated infeed and outfeed loop controls
    • IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC controls
    • Includes warning indicators displayed on the intrated panel and central control
    • Servo controlled drive system regulated outfeed speed to match production demands of the press and feed system
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